1. Feeling like complete shit right now x.x


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    ever hated someone so much that every time u see them u just wanna


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  3. Take me back to days of relaxation. When the only thing I was stressing over was school, and that was even barely compared to how it is now. I just want to enjoy my life and not be constantly stressing over one thing or the other. I know shouldn’t be perfect but I wish I could still be able to feel like myself and be that optimistic person I once was. I feel like I’m constantly battling myself and maybe it’s all normal to be growing up this way but I feel like I’m more sad these past two years than I ever was throughout my whole life. Is that crazy? Maybe. Maybe I am just crazy.


  4. Painfully in pain. 

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  6. sigh ~


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    here’s a dancing taco:

    Why is the taco upside down, everything will fall out…

    here’s a dancing taco:

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